Helping those in need
We understand that many people are finding it tough at the moment and through the festive period.

We at the Maidenhead Air Cadet Squadron would like to reach out to those in need, by offering a gift parcel to try and help some families who are finding it hard, especially if they have young children or are veterans.

We cannot support everyone, but every little we can do will help those that we are able to reach out to. We are planning on offering gift packages of a small wrapped toy and or some food essentials for those who need it whenever we can.

We can only do this if your need help and reach out to us or with suggestions of people that you know that would benefit from a gift package. To do this, please use our confidential data capture form using the link below. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be subject to GDPR. Any information provided will only be used to enable us to deliver some community support.

If you wish to donate to this initiative, please contact Paul Bennett via email or mobile 07828 861010.

Help us at the Maidenhead Air cadets to spread some joy in the local area throughout the year to those with young children, the elderly, the vulnerable and veterans.