Summer camps at RAF bases or other Military establishments provide cadets with the opportunity to experience life on an operational base and take part in a wide range of activities. This type of camps is known as a "Blues" Camp, as Standard Issue ATC uniform is required.

The camp programme for each camp will vary depending upon its geographical location, facilities and time of year. Normally a week's timetable will include a selection of the following:

AEF Flying in operational aircraft, Drill, Sport, Swimming, 10-Pin Bowling, Weapons Training, Leadership exercises, Fieldcraft, RAF Squadron and Section vists as well as local tourist attractions.

Some camps may be a weekend, from Friday to Sunday, but generally they are a week in length and run from Saturday to Saturday. There are also options to attend overseas camps, which may be up to 2 weeks long. Current overseas camps are held in Germany, Gibraltar and Cyprus. Older cadets have the option to apply to take part in International Air Cadet exchange visits known as IACE. These could be anywhere in the world, however; are normally in places like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

In addition there are "Greens" camps, where the focus is more on Fieldcraft and generally held at an MoD training area such as Pirbright in Surrey. Cadets will predominantly wear MTP or CS95 combat clothing during this type of camp.

During a Green camp, cadets will take part in Leadership tasks, receive training in Camouflage & Concelment, moving in groups, tactical movements, shelter building, weapons training, night exercises and sport.

We have a large selection of photos from various ATC camps over the past 70 years, ranging from the UK to Gibraltar and Germany. We hope to enhance the photo information at a later date with as many cadet names as we are able to provide.

If you have any additional photos that we do not currently have on our site, please email a copy to the officer commanding with the year and location it was taken if possible.

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